'It's so much more than just clay'

Our range of modelling materials features a number of different products. Each type of material has its own unique properties. Careful selection has enabled us to develop the right modelling material for each age group.



Discover our clay products

The extent to which clay remains soft is a critical factor in determining the appropriate age group. This can be identified by the icon on the packaging. The actual use of the material is equally important, of course. That is why Creall modelling products are divided into three different types:


A short introduction


The use of clay in the classroom: learning with your hands

We developed a beautiful concept for school teachers, therapists and other professionals that shows how the power of clay can be used during classes or exercises. Research has shown that when children learn things with their hands, those things are more easily remembered!

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Get inspired and get started!

We have developed a large number of activity cards for use in the classroom, as well as great instruction cards for various levels. These all have their own instructional video!

check out this nice little hedgehog!


Our clay is safe, sustainable and responsible

Just like with our paint, safety comes first in our range of modelling products. Our clay should be suitable for young children as well. That is why all our modelling materials are 100% child-friendly, gluten-free and completely free from harmful and toxic ingredients. In fact, our Do & Dry is composed of 98% resources of natural origin!

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